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I was welcomed very nicely! It was good fun from then on. He also winds up the teachers and stuff like that. Some of the scenes that we did literally blew me away. I think most of that is up to my interpretation, I guess. Maybe we will in the future. To start off with, Kevin is showing off in front of Connor quite a bit, because he wants to prove himself.

Waterloo Road: Abby Mavers on Dynasty Barry’s big decision

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Television Waterloo Road (–15) The Sarah Jane Adventures tommy knight interview; Tommy knight in the bill january ; Personal life; Career; References He later started dating his Waterloo Road costar Abby Mavers and name to Kevin Chalk], his relationship with Dynasty Barry, having an.

He is a pupil at Waterloo Road as of Series 8. He’s in foster care but doesn’t want anyone to know so he told his mates that his father was an engineer. Kevin, most interestingly, is one of the only characters in the series that does appear to have a brain in constant residence in his skull that is capable of work above the level of the rest of his year eight class, and in an admirable early action corrects the grammar on Scout ‘s poster for the sheer fact that it bothers him.

This action can undeniably be seen to be a reflection of the idea that Kevin, despite what he may insist, enjoys rigours of the mind and cannot tolerate the presence of stupidity though he desperately tries to avoid offending Scout by correcting the poster in secret and claiming afterwards that ‘it’s great’. He is also shown, despite mistakes he makes earlier on in the series, to have a truly kind heart and caring nature that is complimented by the angelic-ness of his delicate facial features.

In episode 18 he gets into the cup final football team! He also tells Daniel Chalk that he will stay at the school home until he finishes his final year at school so that Chalky can take his dream job in London. He is also the co inventor of the mobile game ‘Chalk and Cheese’ that grabs the attention of Lorraine Donnegan who helps Chalky and Kevin sell the game and get Chalky his dream job in London.

The pair can be seen to bond in earlier episodes out of mutual irritation with each other; Dynasty ‘s frustration at Kevin’s endearing arrogance regarding their shared work and Kevin’s belief that Dynasty ‘s ‘help’ is an unnecessary hindrance to his intellect. From this ‘married-couple’ style bickering, the cheeky romance we see today has emerged – climaxing of course with the kiss. The fly in the honey sweet romance is the presence of notorious thug ‘Steve-O’, who, as the ex-boyfriend of Dynasty , believes Kevin to be standing in the way of him and his girl’s relationship.

Unable to accept Dynasty ‘s choices, Steve-O proceeds to threaten Kevin who, unfortunately lacking in the brawn that could combat Steve-O’s strength, is forced to the ground. Even so, despite Steve-O’s threats the pair are able to continue their relationship in the relative safety of Chalky ‘s old flat, with this moment marking the end of sweet Kevin’s innocence.

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Towards the end of series 8, fans watched as Dynasty and Kevin’s But they’re not the only real life couple who worked together during filming.

Series 9, Ep. It was absolutely brilliant. The teacher with the pointy face, Audrey McFall, had hatched a scheme to get everyone interested in history and put Waterloo Road on the educational map by having everyone spend a week pretending it was the Second World War. This involved a lot of dressing up Simon, George, Audrey and Christine all dapper in military uniform; Nikki Boston in a boiler suit; and everyone else in a range of vaguely 40s costumes. Digging for victory was also on the agenda, with the students pretending to grow their own food.

And she also borrowed a goat.

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Read Chapter 19 from the story Life at Waterloo Road [COMPLETED] by I soon arrived and parked up and got out and I saw Dynasty, Kevin and Donte together. They all It include the actual pushchair the, carrycot and car seat” I replied.

Waterloo Road E25 of About Episode Guide. Video clips are automatically supplied by broadcasters and distributors. An episode with almost no cheer. There will be trouble ahead. And Dynasty is forced into making a heartbreaking decision that is uncomfortable viewing. Summary Steve-O puts further pressure on Connor, while Kevin and Dynasty’s joy at being alone together is short-lived when they discover the ex-con has broken into their flat – and with even Barry too scared to intervene, Dynasty is forced into a shock decision.

Christine has an interview for a job at rival school Havelock High, new science teacher Esther proves a great inspiration to Lula – but not necessarily in the right way – and Audrey and Ndale announce their engagement, although Sonya is in no mood to share their good news. Daniela Nardini This Life joins the cast. Steve-O Malone Jody Latham. Kevin Chalk Tommy Lawrence Knight.

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But then he goes to the other extreme and goes off the rails. Kevin puts a complete vendetta on Steve-O. Basically he wants his life! This is very different side to the laidback schoolboy we know and love.

Katie Griffiths played Chlo in the hit BBC show Waterloo Road from to Dynasty Barry and Kevin Chalk, “Waterloo Road” Ackley Bridge, Waterloo Road, Photos Photos: World Premiere – Inside Arrivals Waterloo Road, Hot Teens Waterloo Road, a day when traditionally the whole school comes together for.

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The Real Abby and Tommy

Waterloo Road student Dynasty Barry makes one of the most difficult decisions of her life in tonight’s episode February 26 as she reports her own brother Barry to the police. Dynasty, who is hoping for a career in the police, turns her back on Barry Carl Au when she makes a concerning discovery about his latest money-making scheme. Digital Spy recently chatted to Abby Mavers, who plays Dynasty, to hear more about this big turning point for the Barry family.

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Headteacher of Waterloo Road Comprehensive, Jack Rimmer, hires Oxbridge graduate Andrew Treneman, hoping he can improve the school’s failing status and bring them back from the bottom of the league tables. Meanwhile, colleagues Tom and Lorna tie the knot – but the groom ends up kissing someone who isn’t his new wife. The aftermath of the car crash affects the entire school.

Lorna announces her pregnancy to her new husband, but he isn’t so sure he wants a child. And things begin to heat up between Steph and Jack. A pupil gives birth at the school, but who is the father? Could it be one of the teachers? Lorna terminates her pregnancy behind her husband’s back, against Izzie’s advice, but Tom changes his mind, and decides he wants the now-aborted baby.

Andrew implements a house system with disastrous consequences. Izzie’s ex-husband, Jimmy, causes chaos at the school when he demands access to their children, and Tom confronts Lorna about her apparent miscarriage. Meanwhile, the pupils set up a scam to gain more points in the new house system, but it isn’t long before their scheming plot is uncovered.

Waterloo Rd’s Tommy: ‘Kevin wants Steve-O’s life!’

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Love hurts by Dreamerxox reviews When Barry returns back to Waterloo Road after stealing sister Kacey’s money, is he sorry or only out to hurt those closet to him? Kacey thinks that Harley is the boy for her, but is she wrong? Will Barry ruin everything? Or will Harley do that himself?

THERE’S something in the water at Waterloo Road after Richard Mylan became who play on-screen lovers Dynasty Barry and Kevin Chalk — are an item. Their engagement is one of a string of racy real-life plots to develop since the Londoner Tommy after it emerged they’ve been dating for a year.

Popular with the boys, and happy to use this to her advantage, Dynasty has long been groomed to use her looks to marry well and continue the proud Barry family line. With so much going for her will she toe the family line or forge her own path? Carol tells Dynasty that she can make money, look good and have opportunities. But Dynasty starts to realise that there’s more to her and she’s better than this when she recieves the highest mark in her class in English.

Dynasty finds it hard to stick up to her mum but finds the courage to do so thanks to some wise encouraging words from Imogen. Her mum then realises what Dynasty wants and sticks by her while she gives her school work a chance. When Dynasty’s sister Kacey Barry reveals that she has gender identity issues and feels that she is a boy, Barry Barry finds it hard to understand and says that he no longer cares what happens to them. Their mother also doesn’t understand what is going on with Kacey but Dynasty sticks by her and shows support for Kacey against their mother and Barry.

Later on after meeting up with Steve-O to tell him the news, he takes her back to Kevin’s flat and after making Dynasty uncomfortable and her asking him to stop trying to kiss her as she isn’t ‘in the mood’. He becomes aggressive and then appologises after she begins to cry, before taking her hand forcefully and leading her into the bedroom where he rapes her.

In Series 9 , Kevin suffers a stroke in front of her and she is left distraught. Thinking it is her fault she accompanies him to the hospital. Once he gains consciousness she destroys her police interview letter to be able to take care of him. Dynasty goes for the interview and does pretty well, until they find out that her dad and her brother, Barry are criminals.

Kevin Kisses Mrs. Windsor